With vehicles ranging up to 44 Tonnes gross weight, we can handle work from small loads, right up to full-loads, all delivered on our fully-liveried trailers and rigids.

Coltons at TruckfestColtons at Truckfest

Satellite Tracking
All vehicles are fitted with sim card based trackers, which are polled via the internet for instant location within 500 yards of where the vehicle is parked; this also shows if the vehicle is in motion and the direction of travel.

Colton Full Rig

Mobile Phones
All vehicles are equipped with fitted latest mobile technology.

All trailers currently operated are all of a food grade standard and are regularly checked for any curtain tears / pelmet wear. All trailers are fitted as standard with internal straps for securing customers goods where required, and all trailers are specified at the same standard.

Cleanliness of Equipment
All vehicles are currently washed on site at Barking on a weekly basis. We have always ensured our vehicles are kept in a clean presentable manor and pride our name on our appearance and designed corporate livery. All chemicals used are of an environmental certified standard, and have a food grade certificate for usage to wash the trailer floors.